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Welcome to Rayz Designz, your optimum source for professional branding and marketing. We specialize in the Youth Market to produce custom celebrity web design, graphic design and daily social media interactiveness. We strive to provide and enhance our clients social media influence. Rayz Designz is committed to growing with our clients as partners and increasing various profit earning opportunities through commissioning platforms such as sale and distribution of digital products or merchandise. We generate substantial traffic allowing clients to experience the benefits of fan engagement. Rayz Designz provides you with creative marketing that will meet and exceed your branding needs. We believe that integrity, honesty and compassion is vital in working with our celebrity clients. Our partnership is established with celebrities through our unique branding and marketing expertise to reach audiences worldwide. For further information on how Rayz Designz will work for you, please visit our services and portfolio.


24/7 Branding & Marketing Management

  • Rayz Designz puts an emphasis on strong design and functionality that are the base of a successful website. We ensure that our final work reflects your true character and the Celebrity Brand you envision for yourself.

  • The process by which the public is easily able to connect to information about you. It focuses on achieving high ranks in search engines, ultimately making you accessible to a variety of audiences.

  • It is important that any visual devices used to reinforce your brand are quickly recognizable and memorable. Our client’s, creativity is often as important as practicality.

  • Social media networks allow celebrities to interact with their audiences. As these networks continue to multiply, it can become difficult to maintain on your own. Rayz Designz will help you get the most out of social media marketing messages, design component and promotional efforts.

Featured Clients

Rayz Designz specializes in the Youth Market and has had to opportunity to work with amazing young talent in the business.


  • Blake Lewis


    Ray has helped me out countless times through out my career as an artist. Always putting her creative stamp and professionalism on the front line for me and killing it every time. Love her and her work!

  • Bryan Todd


    Ray has been doing AMAZING work for myself and other Artists and Musicians I work with! I believe her company should be the "go to" for any and all graphic and social media needs you have. She is very creative, affordable and fast at turning ideas into reality!


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